Being single doesn’t have the best reputation and can defiantly have it’s challenges such as loneliness, rejection, shame, dating and social pressures. Having been single all my life, trust me when I say, I know all about it.

The good news is, I also know how underrated and amazing the single life can be once you live it fully.

This website is a safe place talking openly all about the single-hood from every angle. With a masters’ degree in psychology and an extra interest in positive psychology (focuses on the good in people and what is working) plus my personal experiences I’ll show you how this is a golden time to focus, invest and understand yourself, raise your life quality and live a fulfilling life. This is not a “how to get out of singleness and get a partner” kind of an approach (that is not my expertise area). It’s about maximizing all the good in your life and getting out of the boring comfort zone. Only then will life be exciting and unique.

Sounds interesting? Feel free to check out my blog, listen to the podcasts or how about booking a single coaching skype session?

It’s time for you to follow your own path