I offer two types of one-on-one sessions. The sessions occur online and are a safe, non judgmental zone where I guide and support my clients based on their needs and wishes. I use my personal and professional experience, psychological knowledge and intuitive abilities. 

Singles’ session 45 min

If you’re finding yourself struggling as an unhappy/involuntary single, it’s time to turn things around. During the singles’ sessions we dive deep and unravel where the dissatisfaction is steaming from. We’ll be addressing and healing emotional wounds and deconstructing negative beliefs and misconceptions about singleness. We’ll also have a look at what changes you could make to begin living a life in accordance with your authentic self. The aim is for you to feel whole, confident and empowered within yourself and your abilities as a single person. 

Personal/emotional growth session 45 min

Most people have been taught to listen and value their minds more than their hearts. Unfortunately this can lead to emotional numbness and the wrong path in life. These sessions are centered around learning how to utilize emotions and their messages to your benefit. This includes becoming aware, understanding, discovering ways to deal/handle, and interact with your emotional aspect. The sessions will require emotional healing and aim to strengthen the inner compass and integrating it with your mind. The sessions are formed for those who are:  highly sensitive, interested or in need of inner childs work (having recurring triggers, intense emotional reactions), having difficulties with setting boundaries or confrontations, wanting to learn and/or connect to your inner life.

First session is free of charge. If interested or have any questions, you can get in touch with me via the contact form here or send me a message to