Single guidence

Living the single life may not always be easy and sure has it’s challenges. When I was an involuntary single, I sure would have appreciated helpful guidence. I found most people I turned to for support and understanding, where either not able to relate to what I was saying or giving me advice from the assumtion that I was somehow at fault. Not being enough, feeling worthless, shameful, lonely are just a few examples of what can be experinced with the involuntary singless. I’ve felt them all connected to my civil status.

Having gone through the journey from being a miserable single to a very satisfied one, my aim is to take part in the process for others who find themselves trapped in the negative spiral singlehood can create . So, let’s go through it together and untangle the knots. It’s not always a smooth ride but very possible to live a joyful single life. Trust me, it’s not a myth!

I should make it clear that enjoying single life does not contradict wanting or searching for a life partner, quite the contrary, if anything I would say it raises the odds of attracting the right one.

It doesn’t matter where you are on the planet, the sessions take place through Skype If interested or if you have any questions don’t hesitate get in touch with me! You can do this by filling out the form under “contact” in the menu or email me at

First session is always free!