Traveling solo and my anxiety

Diverging from my old beaten life track and turn in the direction of travel and discovery has been the ultimate decision. Having the luxury expanding my sense of freedom certainly has given grounds for both gratitude and pride. The perks of travelling blended with trifles like culture clashes, language barriers and constantly getting astray, has … Continue reading Traveling solo and my anxiety

Singleness- malfunction or enhanced ability?

The terminology used when describing singles is rarely a flattering . The absence of a romantic partner, seems to lead to conclusions indicating there is a dysfunction at bay. One area where this occurs is in our ability to bond to another human being. I can testify to this myself having been on the receiving … Continue reading Singleness- malfunction or enhanced ability?

“Are you seeing anyone?” – The interrogation begins!

The interrogation is a scenario that most singles are quite familiar with. It involves a minimum of one "detective" who's leading the interrogation, and a single person who's declaring their innocence. Important to note is that the interrogation is not culture dependent nor does consider how the parties involved relate to one another. It can … Continue reading “Are you seeing anyone?” – The interrogation begins!

The single woman: a party girl, career woman or psycho chick?

Have you ever thought about how single women are portrayed in the main stream media? I believe there is a screwed view that is slightly annoying in how single women are presented in movies, series and books. The characterization or the story line connected to single women are usually rooted in old-fashioned stereotypes that need … Continue reading The single woman: a party girl, career woman or psycho chick?

Rejection and self-blame

I wanted to write a piece on rejection because I recently had a conversation where it hit me just how unaware most people seem to be when it comes to the link between rejection and self-blame but also the disproportional relationship between the two. My experience when working with people (especially those dissatisfied with their … Continue reading Rejection and self-blame