Trouble sleeping?


As I was flipping through my diary from last year, I was reminded of the sleep troubles I used to have. Not only would it take hours for me to fall asleep, it was shallow and inconsistent with me waking up at 4 a.m (every night!) unable to smoothly doze off again. I made a few changes to my bedtime routine and found ways to upgrade my sleep. I’m not a health practitioner by any means, this is simply what’s helped me and I’d love to pass it on.

Epsom salt

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I decided to add epsom salt in my bath during a detox phase, after reading about it’s abilities to help with the body’s cleansing process. I was also informed that it relaxes sore muscles and provides pain relief. After my first epsom salt bath, I was hooked! Not only did I feel like a…

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Feeling left behind?

I’ve previously described the concept of “that one issue”. The basic characteristics include (minimally) one area in life where progress appears extra sticky with similar stumbling blocks recurring even when measures have been taken. Regardless of the amount of energy put in, the ball won’t start  rolling or there’s a constant one step forward two …

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Home is where the heart is (literally)

Are you familiar with the sentiment behind the idiomatic phrase “Home is where the heart is”? If I were to describe the saying's essence I’d include: a deep sense of relief, safety, comfort, warmth and love connected to a specific place and selected people, which bear no comparison to any other.  If I’m not mistaken …

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Happy belated Singles Day!

Happy belated Singles Day! Did you know that singles are ascribed a celebratory day? Singles day is on November 11th which happens to coincide with my birthday!  I’m pleased to see the single status being acknowledged and on the  receiving end of positive attention by having a dedicated day. Although the attention around Singles Day …

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Healthy and Refreshing Lemon Cheescake/Bars (vegan, naturally swetened and gluten free)

I love lemon! And I really wanted to try out a healthy dessert that would be lemony yet a tad sweet when I discovered a recipe at Lots of baking inspiration and beautiful photos to check out at let me tell you! As always I gave the recipe my own twist, this time …

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Initiate negotiations with your fear

All of us have dreams we desire to pursue. But the catch with lurring visions is the fear attached to them. That's simply how the dream package is designed, it’s excitement wrapped in fear. This means: if you want the gift you need to touch and get through the cover first.  Fear connected to potential …

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Homemade natural gummy candy (vegan + sugar free)

Why purchase store bought gummy candy when you can easily make your own natural and healthy version? This homemade naturally flavoured sweet is nurturing and without the additives, synthetic taste and gelatin. Gelatin is a common ingredient in mass produced gummy sweets, it’s what creates it’s jelly  texture. Gelatin is obtained from slaughterhouse waste (usually …

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How cleansing my tummy stopped period pains and enhanced my vision

Disclaimer:I have no training in physical health or nutrition. This is all based on my own research and experience. I’m sharing it hoping it’ll make a difference for others.  I often go into phases of detox to purify and reset my body. Quite recently I’ve added the element of targeting specific organs while detoxing. The …

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