When negative feelings and thoughts about ourselves get triggered

Can you reach that place where the single life is happy and free on a full time basis? I say, not a chance in hell. There will always be bad days. Days of doubt and when you question yourself and your life.  Days where it feels unfair and like you’ve made zero progress. This obviously … Continue reading When negative feelings and thoughts about ourselves get triggered

Breakdowns- redirecting your path

Having a breakdown is a crucial part of life. There are different types of breakdowns but the main focus here is when you've reached your limit. When you've given something your all and it still did't work out the way you wanted to. All you are left with is exhaustion and frustration caused by the … Continue reading Breakdowns- redirecting your path

Koh Lipe, Thailand- Paradise!

From Langkawi (Malaysia) to Koh Lipe ( Thailand) it’s easy to go by a speedboat, pretty sure that’s the only way. I had heard great things about Koh lipe before I arrived. Yet still I was in for a real treat! This is definitely paradise and one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been … Continue reading Koh Lipe, Thailand- Paradise!

Cameroen Highlands and Ipoh, Malaysia (part 2)

From Kuala Lumpur the next stop was Cameron highlands. Cameron highlands is located two hours north of KL, among high hills and you drive through twisty narrow roads to get there. Before we started the journey uphill the bus driver stopped the bus and handed out plastic bags in case of an emergency, so to … Continue reading Cameroen Highlands and Ipoh, Malaysia (part 2)