Koh Phi phi!

Koh Phi Phi definatly is an intersting place let me tell you. It has it’s stunning beauty and is party centre. If it’s relaxation you are looking for this might not be the place for you.  But first things first. If you want to travel from Koh lanta to Phi Phi make sure to ask around because you will get different prices ranging from 300 baht to 500 baht (maybe lower if you’re lucky). If you live close by the pier make sure to make that clear to the sales person so they don’t add the transfer fee and you’ll get a cheaper deal. From Koha lanta it only takes about an hour to get to Phi Phi. Upon arrival you’ll have to pay 20 baht for like a cleaning of the island fee so make sure to have a tiny bit of cash at least. You will also find what felt like thousands of people offering taxi boat ( there are no veichles on Phi Phi). If you’re staying in central Phi phi that won’t be needed since it’s walking distance to everything.

The first thing i decided to do was head on over to the beautiful slinky beach.

Slinky beach
Slinky beach when the sun starts going down

After finding the perfect spot which gave me acces to free wifi from (the princess resturant) I wanted to do something more. The island has three view points worth visiting. Called viewpoint 1,2 and 3. The owner at the hostel where I stayed suggested going by sunset so I started off by doing that. To get to the view points there are two ways. The one I chose at random was upp many many stairs. Something they don’t tell you before hand is that it costs to go up there about 30 baht. Once I got there the view was amazing.

viewpoint 1
viewpoint 2


What wasn’t so pleasant on the other hand was all the selfie taking tourists. It suprised me observing all the people coming up to the viewpoints how little they seemed to admire the view and instead was focusing on getting that perfect picture. For example we had one couple placing a camera on a stone filming while they were having an acted walk and then later the man turned in to a photographer having a serious photo shoot going on. An elderly man pushing someone out of the way to capture scene and a woman using hairspray before every picture being taken. I was alost as entertained by the people as by the view. It really is a shame I dont have this captured on video.


After Viewpoint 1 and 2 I seached for the thrid one but couln’t find it insead I misstakenly walked out.

When I was googling what else to do on the island I came across one person who wrote about viewpoint 3. Turns out it’s a bit hidden behing nr 1 and 2. I saw the pictures that had been taken during the day and I decided to go there again but this time early in the morning when the weather is a bit cooler. This time a walked the other way to the viewpoints which took about an hour. It felt more like a proper hike than a walk so if you do this bring lots of water and a hat!

Viewpoint 3



Since nr 3 was so nice I once again wanted to see viewpoint 1 and 2 during daylight.



Viewpoint 1 during daylight

At night time there is fire show on the beach. Not quite as good as on Langkawi. It’s obvious that this is purely aimed towards the tourists and not something that’s been practised for the joy of it ( that’s just from my small observation). The “main” act which all fire groups did was line up about 10 tourists in a row with a cigarette pointing up and lightining them in a dangerous way. I was not very impressed seeing the guys in Langkawi before but had I not, then maybe.

Like a wrote in the beggining Phi Phi attracts the party crowd. All through the night you hear loud music and if you walk through the streets at around ninish you’ll already see intoxicated people in every corner. No wonder since “cheap” alcohol is being sold everywhere. The way they do it here is that you can order a bucket. You chose the drink you want and you get it..in a bucket with a straw. My two german roomis from the hostel came for the party experience so i documented the bucket, wished them good luck and went to bed.

The bucket

For those wanting a relaxed stay there is a place for that as well. It takes about 30 minutes to walk there or if you want to pay a fortune (2000 baht) you can take the taxi boat. The place is called long beach and if I’m not mistaken it’s located on the north part of the island. There you will find same clear blue water and resuturatnts but without the crowdedness. The walk over there is quite nice too. You walk through the jungle and also come across smaller beaches on the way.


For those more inetretes in a calm stay but dont want to Walk to long beach I shoud say that the last night I was on Phi Phi I discoverd and empty, clean beach by the pier. It felt like it was a bit undiscoved although its so close to the pier. The few people that were there were all locals. When you are by the pier insted of turning right you turn left!

The Beach by the pier




Phi Phi was great but it’s time to say farewell!

Bye bye Phi Phi!










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