First impressions of Bangkok

After Ao Nang it was time to head over to the capital city Bangkok. To get there I had to take a minivan over to Krabi and then the nightbus to Bangkok. You can purchase the ticket in every tourist booth in Ao Nang and belive me they’re in every corner. Like I’ve mentioned previsouly make sure to ask around BEFORE buying a ticket just to compare prices. Usually the difference isn’t great. But one thing I’ve learned is if you tell the sales person you get better deal some place else they’ll lower the price. So I paid total for a 15 (!) hour travel about 500 baht (feeling pretty proud haha). The journey was alright since the nightbus was empty and I had the back row all to my self where I slept like a baby.  You get waken up around midnight for a restroom and meal break. And then sleep until we arrive at the final destination.

Now I’m no fan of big cities and Bangkok confirmed that to me. I got woken up by banging and shouting “get off the bus we’re in Bangkok!”. For some reason I had to rush of the bus (this was at 05.30 in the morning) once off the bus a bunch of taxi drivers stood in line. The taxi driver in front immediatly asked me were I was going and I replied honestly that I hadn’t booked anything and had no idea were to go to. I then bent over to grab my backpack when he took it from me, carried it and proceeded to walk towards his cab. I took the bag back laid it on the ground since I needed time to decide what my next move was going to be. The taxi driver keept asking me which hotel I was going to and I kept replying “I don’t know”. Eventually he got the point went and went back to “the line” of taxi drivers. I sat next to my backpack observing this procedure happening to the other travelers one by one.

After sitting down for a minute it was time to get moving so I randomly decided in one direction which turned out to be a good choice since it was full of shops and stores. However on the way I was asked about 10 times for a taxi or a room. And a “no thank you” did not do, they will walk with you until politness turns into irriation. I found one hostel, opened the main door and was greeted with a naked picture of a women. Clearly not my place of residence, I shut the door and keept it moving. Further down the same strret I found a place called room 218 that had a person behind reception. I walked in and asked for a bed which they had. The staff was superfriendly and welcoming and the dorm was extremly clean which made my very happy. Now it was about 6 am so more sleep was in place.

I woke up at around 11 went to reception. At reception was the manager of the hostel who recomened me several places to visist. I got a map and a discount card for tours. Again, super nice lady and exactly what I needed after my introduction to Bangkok. I really wanted to see the magestic temples that I knew were in Bangkok so I started my walk over to where the ferry was located. I got lost and asked 3 different people were it was. All three sended my off in the wrong direction, thanks for that! This happening in the steaming sun, not so pleasant. When I finally found the ferry I had to figure out which one to take. I asked a man behinf the ferry counter who didn’t respond in words but just pointed me to a line. In line I asked another women working if it in fact was the right line just to make sure. She was not happy about me asking her (even though she works there) and brushed me off. I stood in line and the person checking tickets told me it was the wrong line (suprise suprise). I then stood on the side away from where peole were walking to try to figure it all out. The same women that brushed me off 2 minutes earlier then told me to move away so she could sit on the chair that was next to me and not the one were she was sitting nor the free chair next to this one. My sightseeing mood was decreasing. At that point I saw the price for the tour which was 3000 baht. No freaking way, that was my sign that this was not my day.

Frustrated and eager to leave Bangkok I realised that I needed to sit down, relax and start over. So I had a coffee had a nice conversation with a german man living in Bangkok with his girlfriend. I then walked passed a massage place that had a bunch of cute kids running around. This was clearly not a spa but people just trying to make a living so i decided to see if they had time for me which they did. This quite torn down buildning had three beds with sheets seperating them. I asked for an oil massage laid down and we got started. It was really good but turned in to entertainment when a couple walked in asking for a thai massage. Now, I was laying in the middle bed so the man and woman were on each side of me. I got the sense that the woman had done this before. The man however had no  idea was coming to him. He was making all kinds of sounds, mostly of suprinse and what i assume was french swearing. I cracked up! I really tried to hold it in but with the noises the man was making it was impossibe. Even the woman massaging me started lauging.

Afer this very therapeutic massage session I walked back to the  hostel. At the hostel the lovely manager had such an uplifting and positive vibe. She was eating some thai snacks and offerend me what looked like a chocolate covered cornflakes and the thai verison of an expresso ball. Except it was the healtier version and no coffee. Delish. She later on introduced me to some vegetarian spicy  pad thai which I had’t had yet. The only way I can describe the pad thai  is interessting flavours.

I told the manager I wanted to go to Chaing Mai. She booked my ticket for the same night and when the bus arrived she walked with me to the bus, fixed everything and made sure I got on it with a good seat 🙂 This woman was the highlight of my time in Bangkok. Since I’m flying home from there I know I’ll see her again. And who know I might even do the crazy expensive tour 🙂 Had a rough start in Bangkok but things could be worse 🙂 Is during these moments I have to remind myself how lucky I am to be able to follow my dreams and travel the world 🙂

So what was next? 12 hours of bus to Chaing Mai, Northern Thailand.

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