My first week in Cambodia (Kratie, Phnom Penh and Kampott)

Getting from Lao to Cambodia wasn’t too difficult. I booked my ticket on Don Det (4000 islands) and got to the border about 1,5 hour later. At the border they have a scam going on where a man has a table by the Lao border making it seem like he works there charging 5 extra dollars (per person so doing this for 30ish travellers a day well, you do the math) to get the Cambodian visa. DON’T FALL FOR THIS CRAP! Only pay to the immigration police behind the counter then take your passport and walk over to the Cambodian border despite what anyone says. At one point the man by the table ( the scammer) didn’t want to give me my passport back, I had to raise my voice before he finally gave me the passport back, probably so I would’t cause a scene.

After this rough start, I went by a mini bus to Kratie. Kratie is in the north of Cambodia and is not very well visited. It’s starting to pick up though thanks to the dolphins on the Mekong river. I’ve seen dolphins a few times before but these ones look a bit different. My camera was on a strike that day and even if it did work capturing them on camera would not be easy. Feel free to google them though, their shape is..interesting.

I then continued on to the capital city Phnom Penh. I know there are a few well known attractions like the killing fields and a museum. It may sound weird but I didn’t want to go. I’ve read about Cambodian history beforehand and I’m aware about the awful things that took place. Visiting the killing fields would only bring me down. Instead I went to the golden palace.

I also made a really good friend, Vanessa from the Netherlands and we chilled by the pool at the hostel (mad monkey) and ate…a lot. We went to get lunch and ended up walking around for far to long not finding a single restaurant. But it was all worth it once we found Coriander and Indian place, a must try if in Phnom Penh!

Me and Vanessa left the capital and went to Kampott. We booked a mini bus that picked us up at the hostel ( 7 USD). The ride over there was extremely bumpy and with us was an american older man that wouldn’t shut (the hell) up. Once we got there in the afternoon it was chill time (again). By night I walked around town. Kampott is a beautiful city! These are pictures from my first night.

I had only planned to stay two nights but that changed and ended up being 4 nights due to finding more fun things to do and hilarious people and activities at the hostel. More about that soon!

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