5 things you have to experience in Kampot, Cambodia!

Here’s a list of 5 things you have to do in Kampot πŸ™‚

1.The sunset. As shown in the previous post, the sunset in Kampot is beautiful especially by the river. I know there are multiple companies offering a sunset cruise for 5 USD which includes watching the sunset on the river, beers and you get to see fire flies when it gets dark. Sounds like a bargain to me!

2. The Durian roundabout. If you find yourself in Kampot and want to discover the inner city, take a walk and visit the unique roundabout with a huge durian in the middle. This started as a joke between me and Vanessa, we got all excited about it and had to see it for ourselves and so we did πŸ™‚

3. Kep. Not far from Kampot is the small seafood town Kep! Me, Vanessa and another girl from the hostel went there by tuk tuk to explore the crab market and to have lunch. The market it’s self is super tiny and filled with women selling crab, fruit and locally produced black pepper.

Attached to the market is a strip with 10 restaurants with pretty much the same menu. I’m pretty new to seafood (except for fish) so I thought it would be an interesting experience to try other foods like crap and shrimp . Little did I know it would be a traumatizing experience. I’ll start by showing the pictures of what we ordered. We decided to mix a bit and share it all.

I had no idea you have to break and tear the crabs and shrimps in pieces in order to get to the the meat. Also, the fish was just laying there all lifeless. It was too brutal , I couldn’t do it! My conclusion: No seafood for me! Ever!

We finished our day in Kep at the man made beach.

4. The black pepper farms. Surrounding Kampot are black pepper farms. The tuk tuk driver from the Kep adventure suggested a black pepper farm that’s outside the beaten track with a resort and a beautiful view. So we started by learning about black pepper and the plantations and then chilled by the pool.

5. Bokhor mountain. There are different ways to get to the mountain. I gave myself some VIP treatment and went with what looks like a hybrid between a tuk tuk and a car.

The mountain was not at all what I expected! it’s huge and there’s’ a lot to see up there like a previous king’s house, temples, a catholic church and the old casino.

A building where some king used to reside during holidays? Incredibly creepy but nice art work right?

My personal highlights were the visit to the waterfall and…

the view! The view was amazing, you could actually see Vietnam from the top!

Beutiful view and also made a friend who insisted on being in the picture πŸ™‚ Also, super windy that’s why my hair is a mess haha

Just want to mention one more thing about my time in Kampot. While I was walking on a random street trying to find a place to get some breakfast before leaving town, a man on a motorbike passed by me, stopped and said something. I couldn’t hear what he said and assumed he was just trying to annoy me. He came closer and then I heard him say “did you work in Australia?”. I turned around and replied that I did, he continued to asked me if I worked at “Strawberry fields”. I seriously could not believe my ears and said yes. I couldn’t’ recognize him until he took off he’s sunglasses and he explained that he cut his long beard off. We used to work together on the farm, I didn’t understand it was Ash because last time I saw him he had a loooong beard. We went over to his wife who also worked on Strawberry fields and had breakfast πŸ™‚ Small world, right?

Ask and Sookie, ex coworkers from the Strawberry farm outside Maroochydore, Australia πŸ™‚

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