Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane

After traveling from Sweden all the way over to Australia, a total of 34 hours, I was happy to finally arrive in Brisbane. It’s not my first time visiting, last time was a weekend getaway during my farmwork on strawberry fields. Brisbane also happen to be my last stop on the East coast so I figured it would be a good start for my second year down under. Surprisingly, what was suppose to be a 3 day jetlag recovery turned into a 3 week stay. Here’s the reasons why…

My first official day, while still foggy in my head I got a text around 11 p.m. from a dear friend I met in Cairns during my first year. He simply asked if I was in my room at the hostel. So this guy is a unique character to say the least, so when he asked for my room number and a picture of the view, I didn’t find it odd. However after he was rambeling on about nothing, something felt strange. He kept telling me not to go to sleep, then went offline only to pop up again with the encourangment not to snooze. Honestly, I assumed he had been drinking but once he sent me an image of my room number my heart started pounding. I knew something was up but my mind was unable to put the pieces together. The picture was followed by a knock on my door which added to the confusion,  I was certain it was a coincedance. I reasoned that it must be housekeeping (at 12 pm!). I got up and open the door and there he was, Chris himself! 


I don’t think I’ve ever been so shocked in my life. I really had no clue he would be in Brisbane let alone, surprising me at the hostel. This guy used to take me out pretty much every weekend on adventures around Cairns. Definitely nice to see you again! you got me good, payback is coming…

I decided to leave the busy city centre and found a hostel called breeze lodge with good reviews. Great choice! To get there you need to take the ferry over to Kangaroo Point. Though the hostel is decent, I had a rough start with all my food disapering after someone decided to put my grocery bag on the free shelf. I got quite upset and vented with the only one girl in the kitchen who happened to be present. She tried to cheer me up my making me a delicious cup of coffee and lunch which soothe the sting. We got talking about travels and life in general. Well, turns out it was her 30th birtday the following day and she invited me to her dinner celebrations the following day which I gladly accepted. We went out for delicious mexican food followed with drinks in South bank and Eagle street. For some reason all the streets were empty. Very quiet for a big city friday night.

Anyway the next night was a different story. I met up with Cynthia, a former roomie from my time at Cottontree. We ended up at Cloudland and italian restaurant by day and nightclub with live music after dark. The layout of Cloudland is amazing, stunning architecture dividing the club into two floors with the upper floor having full view of the bottom and the dancefloor. Perfect for people watching! At the bathrooms being very fancy with elephant head shaped handles ( I really wish I had taken a picture of it!). To sum up our night shortly i would say “Lovely conversations followed by a nice and entertaining dance sesh”.

One of the main tourist attractions in Brisbane is the the wheel supposedly giving a great view of the city. Well, I was fortunate enough to get to know Nicky who resides in the highest building in Brisbane. From the looks of it is substantially higher than the Brisbane wheel. We made delicious dinner while enjoying the city view in the background.

A weekend getaway from the big city. Lea drove us to Cleveland where the ferry goes to Stradbroke Island. A beautiful quiet place with nice hiked and wildlife. 

Eat street. I have to give credit to the city of Brisbane. It always has something to offer it loclas, festivals, farmers markets, music performances, light shows etc. There is always something to do. Eat street is an event every weekend where you pay 3 dollars to enter an area with all kinds of delicious food. Me and Cynthia barely ate the entire day to really make the most of it! Unfortunately we got full pretty early on (fail!) but it sure was delicious. Anyone in Brisbane has to enjoy this culinary experience.

But you know what my absolute favorite part was? The location where I was at. See it only took me about 2 minutes to walk to the Kangaroo point lookout. The view from there is unbelievable, both during sunset and by night. Strolling along the river at night watching all city lights was the highlight of most days.  Every night I noticed something different. 

I’ve heard mostly negative things about brisbane from other travellers. It’s not like the other larger cities that stand out and have “typical” signature things to do. Brisbane has more of a low key charm. Definitely worth a visit!

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