Single people! Come join our “Singles”community at

I’ve started two (online) groups for singles at This is a great way to bond with others in a similar life situation, build a community, give and recive support plus have a laugh or two! All meetings occur on Skype and are for free!

One group is called “single women’s circle” which as indicated is for single females only. Each week we have an event with a specific topic (for example loneliness, self empowerment, long term singless, rejection, dating etc). The meetings start off with a brief introduction followed by an open discussion where every attendee is welcome to share their thoughts and insights, ask questions and/or give input to others in the group. If interested feel free to join the group “Single womens’ circle”

I created the “singles womens’ circle” since the majority of people contacting me are women. However after starting the group I noted that men were joining as well. Obviously, I had to have a “singles online support group” too. The idea with the online support group, is to meet every week (Skype) and discuss/answer different questions by members attending the meeting. Before each event singles send in questions or scenarios they would like support/clarity on (with the option of remaining anonymous). The topic of focus can be anything revolving around singlness such as: dealing with rejections, frustrations, inadequate or feelings of worthlessness as well as the freedoms and pros of single life. Come join the “Singles Online Support Group“!

Hope to see you there!

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