Make your own personalized shampoo and conditioner (DIY)

I’ve tried out countless brands of shampoos and conditioners of all prices, with the result always being the same; overly dry hair, scalp covered in build up and leaving hair trails everywhere. It annoyed me to the point of refusing to purchase commercial hair products (seriously, washing my hair with only water is a better option). 

After reading the contents of multiple haircare products I had a strong suspicion that the words I didn’t comprehend (there were many) might be disturbing my natural hair and scalp condition causing the negative reaction. Mass production companies focus on profit (surprise!) and therefore take short cuts by including ingredients that don’t serve us, our hair/scalp health or the environment in general.

Over a year ago I began creating my own equivalent of shampoo and conditioner which only include organic natural ingredients (all words I understand). In order to create your own hair products you need to be aware of your personal hair profile. There is no “one fits all” recipe that works on every hair type so it’s about discovering what works for you. Personally, I have dry hair and the state of my scalp changes depending on the season/climate. In this part of the world (Sweden) the air is dry so transitioning into Autumn/Winter time means super dry air. This causes build up and dandruff  if I don’t actively do something about it. So, what I need is a shampoo which cleanses and boosts my scalp while preventing dandruff. My conditioner needs to provide lots and lots of moisture.  If you can relate to my hair type, then feel free to try out this homemade and simple hair care routine. 

Schampo (massage it into the scalp, one round)

Castor oil (1 tsp). Castor oil cleanses the scalp in depth and promotes hair growth. It’s really thick so you will need to thin it out with other oil/s so it’s easier to apply on the scalp.

Himalayan salt (1 tsp). Himalayan salt helps fight dandruff and the grains work as a scrub for the scalp, removing accumulated grease and other types of residue. 

Pepparmint oil (5-8 drops). Pepparmint oil cleanses and rehydrates the scalp, promotes hair growth and smells fresh, leaving a nice candy cane scent. Ps. Pepparmint oil should never be applied directly on to the skin (always blended with other oils). The pepparmint will give a tingly sensation but is not supposed to burn! 

Conditioner (apply to the hair, one round)

Olive oil and/or almond oil (2 tbsp total). Olive oil prevents (external) damage and nourishes the hair. Almond oil softens and moisturizes the hair. 

I blend the shampoo and conditioner parts together (a two in one). I’ll scoop up the salt and massage it on my scalp and then cover my hair with the oil mix starting from the ends and moving upwards.

This homemade mix can be applied directly in the shower or used as a leave-in hair/scalp mask. If used as a mask, apply the “shampoo and conditioner ”, cover your head with a shower cap for 2-3 hours before rinsing out. 

There is no comparison between the state of my hair and scalp now versus when I was using store bought products. My hair is thicker (not as much loss), smoother and I never experience itchiness ( a result from build up). I’m positive using all natural ingredients will benefit your hair and scalp too, once you find what works for you, it’ll be difficult going back.

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