Madeira, Portugal ๐ŸŒ„

Itโ€™s been a while since the last time I traveled abroad so when my friend Petra asked if I wanted to meet up in Madeira there was no hesitation. Escaping the Swedish winter for a bit of sun, itโ€™s a no brainer right? 

Madeira is a beautiful island belonging to Portugal located way more south than I expected. The weather is perfect: sunny with cooling winds. There are countless stunning hikes and outdoor activities to do. Even the main city Funchal, although crazy touristy,  has beautiful views and trails. Here are only few and random snippets from my time. 

Leaving dark Sweden and was instantly welcomed by the sun!! (this is as soon as the plane was above the clouds)
View from my room
view from my temporary home at sunset time

Me and Petra set out for different hikes during our time. The first one was in the north part Madeira. We traveled by bus up the mountain which took 2 hours and got off in the town Santana. From there you take a taxi to the trail. 

Having a moment…

One of many caves

inside…flashlight, watching your step and head, is a must!

The big finale! All in all the hike took about 5 hours, worth it!

Scenic view from the bus back to Funchal, lots of winding roads so buckle up if you get easily motion sick (like me)

Next up we vistited the small town of Monte, we got there by cable car ๐Ÿ˜Ž

chirch at the top (plus beautiful music)

What is Monte known for? These guys!

This is a tradition since way back from the men in Monte. They take you down to Funchal through the streets on a sledge…

Unfortunetly I cant post videos but here are screenshots from the ride down.

Down we go!

Petra stayed at the lovely small town Camara de Lobos so spent a day there.

Got to try the well-known drink Nikita, it’s a coconuty drink with passionfruit (and alcohol for those who choose)

Another hike we did I belive is called de levada di Paradisio (excuse my Portuguese). This walk is a must for anyone who loves botanics.

Let’s go!
we finished with a cooling smoothie at a cafe with a view!

I’ll finish off with mixed photos from Lido walk

Great time in the sun and I’m certain I’ll return one day! I was reminded of how I need to get out in the world again, so for this spring I’ve got alot of fun in store travel wise, I’ll share more shortly!

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