Cabo Verde

I had been working non-stop for 15 months and was extremely ready for a holiday and to recharge. Desperately I started searching for places where the sun was shining and had beautiful beaches. I randomly saw an ad for “Cab Verde”. The ad had a picture of a white sand beach and turquoise water. I clicked on it and found a really good deal so decided go for it. It was only going to be a 7 day trip and not the adventure of a lifetime. All I was longing for was to sleeo, eat and relax 🙂 I find Cabo Verde worth mentioning since Cabo Verde is pretty uncovered. If you’re in need of taking it easy and get back in balance, it’s an amazing place to discover.

Honestly, I had never heard of this country before and no wonder, their international airport opened in 2013(!). It’s a country consisting of a few islands outside the African west coast not far from Senegal.  The main languages are Creole and Portuguese.  The place where I ended up was Sal Rei. Probably the smallest town I’ve ever traveled to. This mini town consists of colorful buildings and small churches. I found two grocery stores and one ATM so you get an idea of the size. My hotel room had a beautiful view and walking distance to everywhere (so did every other hostel). There is a certain calmness lingering over this town, the pace of life seems to be turned down a few notches. It’s not where you want to go if you want to party nor is it “backpacekery”. So if you are looking to socialize as a solo traveler I should let you know most people I encountered were couples, so be prepared! Cabo Verde is however a great spot for some “me” time, chillaxing and enjoying beautiful foods and views.  If you are a fish fanatic you’ll be happy to hear that it’s served everywhere!

I spent most of my time on the beach just enjoying each second but I also managed to get onboard two exiting activities. One of those was a whale watching tour. The waves were huge and made me extremely sea sick, so if you have those tendencies bring salty crackers! One a good note though, I got to see a baby whale, how awesome is that?! The second activity I went on was a tour around the island, where I went to the local pottery, walked around a beautiful small town located between two mountains where all the houses where painted in red, yellow and blue. Me and the other couples finished this tour by jumping in high desert sand dunes, we all turned into kids. It’s easy to book activities online or through hotel when you get there.


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