Langkawi, final stop in Malaysia

I was finally on my way to the beach! I had already seen pictures and YouTube clips of Langkawi so I knew I would be getting my beach life now! There are two ways to get from Georgetown, Penang to Langkawi. You can do it the touristy way and take the speed boat straight from Georgetown to Langkawi and pay 70RM (18 USD) or you can do it the local way. I chose the latter. This is how you do it, you take the ferry back to the mainland (Butterworth) which doesn’t cost a dime, then get on the bus to K. Perlis which takes about 2,5 hours. At the bus stop in K.perlis it’s 200 meters to the ferry which will get you to Langkawi in an hour. This way cost me 35 RM, that’s half the price of the touristy way!

I arrived in the afternoon in Langkawi, the part where I was staying is called Pantai Cenang. After the taxi ride and checking in at the hostel, it was sunset time. I ran over to the beach and managed to capture the last glimpses of the sunset. Oh the joy πŸ™‚





The following day it was exploration time! At least so I thought, I ended up just havinga delicious banana nutella pancake and chilling at the beach by the Kalut bar where I met the super friendly staff and ended up chitchatting and enjoying the ocean.

yum yum yum


At night me and two of my roomies, Naz and Viviane, went over  to…you guessed it, the beach! There was a lovely place called “black market” which had a delicious chickpeaburger made from scratch. And I got to experience another beautiful sunset πŸ™‚ At first it sort of looked like the previous night but then slowly it started shifting.

sunset looking similar to the night before



During this sunset there was also a reflection from the sun taking place at another part of the sky. I’ve never seen anything like it before

sun being reflected at another part of the sky

After dinner and the sun had gone down we were highly entertained by local guys preforming with fire. They started at the “black market” and then continued on to Kalut bar (the place were I was during the day) so we followed them there and had company by two frecnh girls and an italian guy. This fire show was completly bananas, that’s all I can say.



After the amazing preformance by the guys we chilled at kalut bar and we ended the night by going for a night swim.

The following day was spent with Naz where we recovered from the previous night at the hostel. Our hostel is called Gecko hostel and is a very laid back hostel with lots of well fed cats, chickens and roasters running around.

We also managed to go for walk down the main street in  there alot of arabic restaurants and weird mixed restaurants. One was mexican-italien-arabic-indian-thai-chinese restaurant…says alot about what type of quality of the food dosen’t it (not good we actually tried it)? Speaking of the arabic restaurants though, I asked a local man how come there were so many. He told me that Langkawi is the number one honeymoon destination in arab countries. I tried two arabic resuturants and must say it was superb! delicious and you get a lot of food to save up for the next meal, win!

I know there is alot more to do in Langkawi like go with the cable car for the view and night markets but honestly, I just wanted to enjoy the beautiful view. So for my last day me and Naz went to next roofbar and just chilled.



My time in Langkawi and Malaysia is up! Big thanks to Naz for the great company during my time in Langkawi remember to keep on touch πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Langkawi, final stop in Malaysia

  1. Said Mohamed Ali

    Hi..How are you doing? My names are said Mohamed Ali..I hail from Kenya and I really like your blogs..Anyways do you remember Eric the guy you met in Langkawi so he was telling me great things about you..Have a great evening..Take care and always have fun:)


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