Koh Lanta- a mix between Thailand and Sweden

So when I left Koh Lipe aka paradise, I had high expectations about Koh Lanta. The reason I chose this to be my next destination was because of it’s good repetation. Once we arrived to the island the driver asked were to drop me off. Since I never book a place to stay until I arrive I replied that he could drop me of at the city center. We continued driving and suddenly the driver stopped in a place with closed up shops and looked like an abonened town, “city center!” he said. Quite suprised I got off the bus grabbed my bag and just started walking in a random direction. The first person I saw asked where I was heading and I asked for the water because I guesses thats where most travelers gather. She pointed me to a seven elevn (haha) I clarified I was looking for the ocean not drinking water. She pointed in me in the direction but after walking for 30 minutes I realized something was off and walked back. On the way I met a lovely lady and her cute there kids. All I wanted by this point was some wifi so I could find a place to stay. She told me there were two locations that may have wifi (saaay what?). They were both shut down. I went back to the same lady (and her adorable kids) and asked were the hostel was, thankfully it was only a 5 minut walk from where I was. Unfortunatly I found nothing but a guest stay. Since I really needed to pee I booked a single room in an empthy 3 floor house. The guest house was owned by a lovely couple Wadee and Koon.

Me and Wadee 🙂

We spoke for a long time about Koh lantas quick transformation from a fisher mans iland to a tourist centre. They made it known to me that Koh Lanta is what they call the “Swedish island” even having a swedish school on the island and he appreaciated about 70-80 procent of the tourists being Swedish. This was comfirmed to me walking down the dead streets I heard more Swedish than That or English. I saw at least 3 Swedish flags, an OLW box (saaay what?), multiple Swedish resturants and in every food place that I say served hawwian pizza. I was ready to leave the next day.

But when I woke up the next day I decided to give Koh Lanta a second chance though and I’m happy I did. I heard about some touristy things to do like elephant trekking ( increadiby unethical in my opinion), there was a national park in the south part of the island that got so so reviews and there is a waterfall that is supposed to be beautiful but only during rainseason (otherwise its barely a waterfall). I simply walked around the main areas and found some really peaceful places. With not a tourist in sight I could really enjoy the silence 🙂

After my own exploration time in Koh Lanta I went back to the guest stay. I told Wandee and Koon that I wasn’t really intrested in doing any touristy stuff and wanted some thing more autenthic. Koon offered to take me to waht he refered to as “the gypsy people”. I had no clue what he was talking about but off we went on his motorbike.

The entry


He told me this was a group of people that most likely had some origin as Indonesian people. Living the simple life by the water which aslo is there main source of food. centuraies. It’s their own community  I had just missed the celebration that they had. But still some “left overs” from that celebration.

The celebration was to contributed to their ancestrors.


I need to add something, there were no signs tourists here and from what I gatered most miss this part of the Koh lantian people. So if you do go to Koh Lanta me sure to visit this community it’s right by the pier and open to anyone who wants to have a look around.

At sunset I went to a place called “sea,sand and soul” by the water.

Koh Lanta gave me a strange feeling at first with flashbacks from home but with ittybitty of time it showed me something different. Phi Phi next!

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