Rejection story: The double layered rejection

This is a story of rejection in two rounds. The second part is quite unique I would say. Let’s call the girl “Anna” and the rejector “Viktor”.

It all started with a party Anna almost didn’t go to. Thanks to a nagging friend she pulled herself out bed last minute and reluctantly met up with her friend. While at the party she struck a conversation with Viktor and they ended up having one of those instant connection moments. The night was spent having deep conversations about life and both could feel the attraction building up. The following weeks they would keep in touch at all times and spent every weekend together. After about two months Anna could feel they were at a stand still. She knew that she had strong feelings for him and wanted to take things further. Courageously, she expressed how she felt and got the classic “I’m not ready for a relationship” in return. Viktor emphasized how much he liked her and wanted to continue on like they had been, but with now development of their status.

Anna felt rejected and a strong sense of not being good enough. She decided to break things off and made it clear that she didn’t want any contact.

About 6 months later she had pretty much moved on from Viktor and accomplished a lot in her life. She finished her degree from University and had landed herself a good job. One day out of the blue she got a text from Viktor saying ” I’m sorry for what I did. You’re a wonderful person”. Anna was surprised and could not understand where the hell it was coming from. She decided not to take the bait (this is a typical technique that I’ve noticed men use when they can sense that a woman is moving on, they will drop a bomb to lure her back) and didn’t respond. Not long after the text, they ran into each other on a busy shopping street. Anna taught she was being polite by starting up an awkward conversation. What was actually taking place though, was that the feelings she once had, started resurfacing. It did not take long before they were seeing each other like they had previously. One day while having dinner Viktor brought up the subject of deepening their relationship. He expressed how much he liked her and wanted to see how things would progress. Anna was of course over the moon and thought she finally got what she wanted to begin with. She called all her friends to tell them the details and she felt happier than she’d been for a while.

A few days later, at 3 a.m Anna got woken up by some neighbors having a party. Annoyed she tried to go back to sleep but as soon as her eye lids closed, a loud bang woke her up again. Anna told herself that if she got woken up one more time she would go outside and close down the party. It didn’t take long before yet again, someone banged on her door specifically followed by foot steps running down the hall. She jumped out of bed, ready to chase down whoever was disturbing her precious sleep. She heard the main entrance of the building closing and couldn’t get there fast enough. She ran through the hallway, down the stairs and slammed the main door open. Once outside she didn’t see a single person. She took a few deep breaths and was about to give up and go back to bed when she realized she had a perfect view of the seven floor building. On the third floor, second apartment she could see flashing lights and people moving around. Perfect she thought, she had located the party and where her potential enemy was hiding. With a mix of anger and adrenaline running through her veins she made it to the party, busted the door open and right before she was about to call out those interrupting her sleep, she completely froze.

What Anna saw, way back of the crowded apartment, was a clear view of Viktor being affectionate with another woman. The shock Anna felt left her unable to get a sound out. She retreated back to bed. It was now 4 a.m and impossible for her to go back to sleep.

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