Rejection story: The proper douche bag

This will be the last rejection tale. As previously this is also a true story. There’s no need to spend time giving a detailed background leading up to the rejection because it starts off as most does when a woman and man start dating. So let’s keep it short and bitter.

Imagine spending time with someone you like for months. Visiting their place and they regularly come over to yours. Movies, dinners, meeting each others friends and feeling how the relationship between the two is progressing at a comfortable pace. Then one day, out of the blue, waking up to a text message and realizing it was all a bluff.

The woman would occasionally get the feeling that the man was a bit too “perfect on paper”. She would disregard those thoughts every time they surfaced though. Rationally there were no red flags in sight so why not just enjoy the ride. About 4 months in their flourishing relationship, she got a text from him that gave her a bad vibe. The warmth usually expressed in his messages was missing. The text simply stated that they needed to talk. She called up right away even though it was 7 am. She could tell it was urgent and as soon as she heard his voice it was confirmed.

He’s tone was nervous and he had a difficulty getting the words out. At first she had no clue what he was trying to say. He was rambling words that barely made a full sentence. He took a deep breath and then explained that when the two of them first met he had unfinished business with someone else. According to him, he had a girlfriend who he was living with. The relationship was rocky and both of them weren’t sure it would last. The girlfriend originally resided in another country and had decided to go home to think about how they should move forward. He claimed that he had no idea if she was returning to him or not. Guess what? She was now back, in their common apartment, ready to give their relationship another try. But that wasn’t all. He had one more thing to add. He asked if she could please wait a month or two for him. He needed time to see if the relationship would work out between him and his “ex”. If not, then maybe they could pick up where they left off…

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