Hippie Nimbin, Coffs Harbour, Yamba and my fav Lennox Head!

Back to the roadtrip when everything was normal. I had “randomly”  met Lea and from Gold coast we did an inland loop down to Coffs Harbour and then up to Byron Bay. Our plan was to visit a few national parks before spending the night in Nimbin. Unfortunately for us, most were close due to the fires/fire risk. 


While driving towards Nimbin we did find some beautiful places.

After a day of driving a round we arrived in Nimbin. Nimbin is a colorful hippie town known for the free spirited festivals and liberal drug standpoint . The “city centre” is one street with one grocery store, a tourist point, some cafés and shops.

There was a festival about to take place when we arrived so finding accomodation took a bit of time. We managed to find a hostel not far from the main strip that happened to be built by the owner. The entire building consisted of parts from an old airport if I recall correctly (this was over a year ago). It also had some beautiful artwork and messages from previous guests. Luckily for us we got our own room and the only other guest was a pumped woman in her fifties excited for the festival. We could hear her laughing all through the  night while watching “friends” her favorite show. 

The downside? Having to pee at night. The bathroom was outside in the dark by the woods. Needless to say, I waited for Lea to wake up to accompany her. You’d think that would be the end of it. While sleeping I woke up from movement on the table next to my bed. To my surprise I was greeted by a mouse! I got so scared I woke up Lea (my screaming did) who didn’t seem to mind the slightest, quite the opposite she thought it was cute. After she managed to calm me down, I wrapped myself in my blanket (including my face) and  tried to go back to sleep despite the horror that occurred. 

Anywho, back on the road again and headed to Coffs harbour and the up to Byron Bay. Thining back I have no clue why we rushed through these beautiful places. Anyway here is a sum up of the highlights!

Coffs Harbour

Yamba (that suffered quite a bit from the fires)

Lennox Head. One of my aboslute favorite spots in Australia. Only about 20 minutes south of Byron Bay is a breathtaking hike in Lennox Head !

Me at the start of the hike in Lennox Head pointing to Byron Bay

Next up Byron Bay!

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