Byron Bay- the backpacker favorite

(This is a continuation of my loop road trip from Brisbane, to Gold Coast, through Nimbin down to Coffs Harbour and up to Byron Bay).

We finally arrived at our last destination Byron Bay. I would estimate about 90% of all travellers I’ve encountered name Byron as their favorite spot so my expectations were pretty high. Byron has a very popular reputation due to it’s beaches, latte art and chill vibes. Here you can expect most people to walk around bare fooot (even in stores, the floor must be freezing!), a take away coffee is prepeared in about 20 minutes and alternative shops all over the place. My first day was spent at the beach, not only did I enjoy the sun but live music and at sunset it was time for a drum and dance sesh (full moon ceremony). So did Byron Bay deliver? I’d say so.

Be warned! I have alot of pictures of the beach and water but it was just too pretty!

Byron has stunning scenaries, a must is the walk by the water up to the lighthouse (don’t drive up there you’ll miss out!). Along the way you can spot whales and dolphins ( this was in September not sure if it’s possible during the rest of the year), exciting stuff!

path to the lighthouse
My sweaty self
Top view
Mini lighthouse
Sunset time

Another must is a visit to Orgasmic falafel! Now, I’ve had a fair amount of falafel in my lifetime and this is probably the most satisfying one, delish!


On paper Byron is perfect and my plan was initially to stay and work there. Despite being offered two jobs, I had this nagging feeling that I needed to keep it moving. This is what I absolutely love about traveling freely, being allowed and able to follow my gut feeling without the interference of my mind. There’s no need for justification just going with it. So where was I to go? My inner voice told me to go to Adelaide, a city that hadn’t even been on my radar until I arrived in Byron for some strange reason. The decision was made, I was heading to South Australia…

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