Let’s clean up!

I go for a  walk twice each day. Once when the sun is out to catch the sunlight and at night time when most are in bed (I love the dark and silence). While wandering I’ve made it a habit to pick up five pieces of trash along the way. I’ll mainly focus and garbage on grass, in bushes or around trees. I feel like nature deserves so much better than being treated as a dumping ground. Nature contributes so much to us and our wellbeing and this is simply a tiny way of giving back. Although 5 trash items (10 total per day) doesn’t seem like a lot, over time the amount  does add up. And this isn’t about making trash picking a full time job, more so about incorporating an effortless practice into daily life, which hopefully has a positive effect. So, who’s with me?

Be warned though, if you take on this habit you won’t be able to unsee  the unacceptable amount of litter in the outdoors.

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