Happy belated Singles Day!

Happy belated Singles Day!

Did you know that singles are ascribed a celebratory day? Singles day is on November 11th which happens to coincide with my birthday! 

I’m pleased to see the single status being acknowledged and on the  receiving end of positive attention by having a dedicated day. Although the attention around Singles Day is nowhere near Valentine’s Day’s level, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. FYI,  I’m fully aware the agenda and purpose behind intense marketing for old and recent holidays is mainly commercial profit. But I still consider Singles Day a sign of progress. 

The reason I didn’t mention Singles Day on the actual day is because frankly, my birthday has more value to me. Being single is only one aspect of my life, so it doesn’t come near the vicinity of my birthday which has a full picture focus (read how to utilize your birthday). Often, civil statuses tends to grab a larger piece of the persona than necessary and this applies to both singles and couples. The risks when this occurs are the negative implications resulting from giving the marital status too much power over one’s life quality. Specifically for singles, letting singleness infiltrate more than it should can look like an attitude of “waiting” mode and putting life on hold until meeting someone or believing life doesn’t begin until partnered up. It can also be attributing anything that goes wrong in life to singleness, viewing singleness as the root for personal overall unhappiness or as a form of punishment. 

I know our culture doesn’t exactly help, but one can choose to give singleness a positive meaning too, or minimally remaining neutral about it. With singleness there is usually (but not always) more room and time for one’s life purpose(s), achievements and hobbies while enjoying more freedom, silence, flexibility, socializing and less compromises, limitations or consideration. From this point of view singleness doesn’t look too shabby does it?

Go ahead and celebrate your singleness with your fellow singles big time! And include using the day as a reminder of your relationship to your civil status, check the meaning you apply to singleness and ensuring it’s not overstepping its grounds.   


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