Rejection stories

I got an email a while ago from a woman who was interested in someone but the other person didn't reciprocate those feelings. It was clear from her writing that she felt hurt and unwanted. This is understandable and I don't think anyone would react differently. Honestly, I'm not sure I can come up with … Continue reading Rejection stories

When negative feelings and thoughts about ourselves get triggered

Can you reach that place where the single life is happy and free on a full time basis? I say, not a chance in hell. There will always be bad days. Days of doubt and when you question yourself and your life.  Days where it feels unfair and like you’ve made zero progress. This obviously … Continue reading When negative feelings and thoughts about ourselves get triggered

“That one issue”

From observing and talking with lots of people something I've discovered is the phenomena that I've chosen to label as  "that one issue". We all have that one issue in life where we face more struggles than others. "That one issue" shows its ugly face over and over again making us face problems we thought we'd … Continue reading “That one issue”

Let’s be honest shall we?

I think when most people define honesty, the concept is composed of truthfulness to other people. So if somebody asks you a question will you provide them an honest answer? Communicating our internal perception of things to others is important of course. I view it as the basis for a meaningful and trusting relationship. I mean … Continue reading Let’s be honest shall we?

Rejection and self-blame

I wanted to write a piece on rejection because I recently had a conversation where it hit me just how unaware most people seem to be when it comes to the link between rejection, self-blame, and the unproportional relationship between the two. My experience when working with people (especially those dissatisfied with their single life) … Continue reading Rejection and self-blame

The “check list” of life and being single

Most people I’ve encountered aren’t exactly super excited about their lives. They aren’t necessarily unhappy either. I would say the day to day baseline of well- being often is set on feeling “ok”. I suspect this is a natural result of not following our dreams or acting on our passions. It’s so easy to fall … Continue reading The “check list” of life and being single

30 years of age and always been single, shame oh the shame :)

The reason I decided to call myself a single coach is solely based on the fact that I know it very well since I’ve lived my whole life being single. One of the major themes that I have attached to this part of my life is shame. This is a big one. There is a … Continue reading 30 years of age and always been single, shame oh the shame 🙂

What is single coaching?

To summarize what single coaching is, I would say its life coaching for all the single people out there. So why just single people you may ask, I shall give you the answer. It said that you have to spend 10 000 hours on something to call yourself an expert. I have been single for 30 … Continue reading What is single coaching?