Singleness- malfunction or enhanced ability?

The terminology used when describing singles is rarely a flattering . The absence of a romantic partner, seems to lead to conclusions indicating there is a dysfunction at bay. One area where this occurs is in our ability to bond to another human being. I can testify to this myself having been on the receiving … Continue reading Singleness- malfunction or enhanced ability?

Rejection and self-blame

I wanted to write a piece on rejection because I recently had a conversation where it hit me just how unaware most people seem to be when it comes to the link between rejection and self-blame but also the disproportional relationship between the two. My experience when working with people (especially those dissatisfied with their … Continue reading Rejection and self-blame

The “check list” of life and being single

Most people I’ve encountered aren’t exactly super excited about their lives. They aren’t necessarily unhappy either. I would say the day to day baseline of well- being often is set on feeling “ok”. I suspect this is a natural result of not following our dreams or acting on our passions. It’s so easy to fall … Continue reading The “check list” of life and being single

What is single coaching?

To summarize what single coaching is, I would say its life coaching for all the single people out there. So why just single people you may ask, I shall give you the answer. It said that you have to spend 10 000 hours on something to call yourself an expert. I have been single for 30 … Continue reading What is single coaching?