Why the name single coach?

I have to be honest. When I first was deciding on what to call myself I started off with “relationship coach”. But it didn’t quite resonate with me. I knew that’s not exactly what I do, mostly since I don’t only focus on relationships even though that is one of the main themes. I then changed it to “life coach”. Very broad and includes everything, perfect! Every time I saw the label “life coach” though, I still couldn’t help but feel that it wasn’t reflecting accurately either. So, I had to ask myself what it is that I feel I can specifically help with. What is it I’m confident in? Well my life experience defiantly has shown me how to life a happy single life. And I know that has not always been the case! And after talking and giving advice to many single people to point them in the right direction, I know this is my area of expertise. So single coach it is!

My personal experience is that the word “single” has some kind of negative ring to it. It’s some kind of state where people are waiting for completion (yes, I’m exaggerating to make a point). It’s not the norm, at least not the successful one. Let’s be honest, there are benefits to being part of a couple socially, culturally, economically and in some cases even emotionally (more common for men). So no wonder living the single life has such a bad reputation!

Since most of us can’t just go and grab ourselves, what I call, a quality companion. I want to focus on providing the right tools for you to have a satisfying life anyway. This does not exclude meeting someone. But I do believe you’ll have the best conditions to attract a quality person when you are already satisfied and happy in your own life. And this is the core of single coaching.




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