What is single coaching?

To summarize what single coaching is, I would say its life coaching for all the single people out there. So why just single people you may ask, I shall give you the answer.

It said that you have to spend 10 000 hours on something to call yourself an expert. I have been single for 30 years (my whole life) so as I’m writing this I’ve spent 15 800 952 hours being single. So that would make me not just an expert but I would call myslef. You probably get my point; I know this subject very well, the great parts, the challenges and everything in between.

I’ve always loved helping people out. I love to listen and supporting people in need. That’s the reason I chose to study psychology and work with people who have different types of issues and are in need of guidance and support. I started off working at a psychiatric clinic while I was still at university. Then I moved on and worked at Stockholm University helping students. And before I started traveling fulltime I was working with abused women at a women’s aids organization. Helping people out is truly my calling in life.

I recently came back home to Sweden after traveling for a year in Australia. That’s when the idea to work as a single coach started forming. Along my journey I met so many single people, all with different issues in their lives, mostly their love lives.  I noticed that after talking to these people it seemed like they felt better about whatever was bothering them. I think it was mostly due to the fact that I could relate to everyone of them.  Whatever they told me I had been through it and if not the exact same situations some version of it. Because of my educational, professional and personal background I could help out, give advice and also motivate people forward. There are many levels to single life, how to date or ways to get out there and physical meet people, to dealing with feelings of frustration or loneliness etc.  I would say there is one very fundamental aspect that’s very crucial to look at. You see, what I’ve personally learned is that whatever the “problem” may look like there is always something deeper going on and your “issue” is simply an expression of that. Usually it’s something that’s unconscious operating and not always easy to spot.

I feel like I just want to underline that being single doesn’t mean there is anything wrong. Most articles and information out there about being single is about how to get out of singlehood. I personally feel there is something skewed in that. Being single is soooo much more than something being “absent” from your life. There are other areas in life like friendships, hobbies, work or how about following your dreams? The beautiful thing about being single is that it leaves a lot of space to actually reflect and build a happy life. So my advice to you is to use your “single” time wisely and make the most of it.  This doesn’t automatically contradict the desire of wanting a partner. But since most of us can’t snap our fingers and there the right person is, how about finding ways of living a fulfilling life in preparation?


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