My Asia adveture has officially started! First stop: Singapore

I did it! Left the cold and dark Sweden for Asia. The trip started of with a really nice surprise! At the airport in Singapore I ran into a really good friend that I met and worked with in Australia. Small world or what? Turns out she is waiting for a flight to take her to the Philippines. Wishing you an awesome time traveling Zara!received_265760694279918

Another person I met in Australia was James. He is Singaporean and was my amazing guide 🙂 warning! quality of pictures is not the best…used the wrong camera 😦

We started off by going to a local place to eat some yummy veggie food. I ended up having noodles with cabbage, mushroom, green chilli and something else that I don’t recall the name of (the bread looking thingy on top). Delicious and cheap!received_294791681345502

After having lunch we headed to Chinatown. On the way there we stopped to get a durian smoothie. I have to be honest with you, I had never heard about this fruit before. Apparently it has a bad reputation among people who are not used to it.  Mostly because of its smell and after effects on the body which includes smells and a taste that won’t leave the mouth. My experience was that it smelled like petrol (or maybe that was the traffic not sure) and tasted like a mix between a citrus fruit and burned pumpkin seeds.


Once we got to Chinatown, we visited a beautiful temple with thousands of buddha handmade statues.




After the peacefulness of the temple we walked to the CBD for a walk around.

the big buildings is a fancy hotel



lotus flowers

In the middle of the CBD there is a man-made forest.received_1645809472191053.jpeg


Next to the forest is a huuuge shopping mall. Now everyone that knows me, knows that shopping is not exactly my cup of tea so we briskly walked through it. But there were things that stood out that I had to capture on camera. The first thing was a beautiful chandelier and beneath is a platform for kids to play that had really cool patterns. Usually its an ice rank.received_244405909577042

The second thing that caught my eye was an indoor canal. Why walk in a mall when you can go by boat?received_355643528508334.jpeg

It was my great idea to walk to the CBD since I love walking, not thinking for a second about the humidity that was building up. It was rough let me tell you. I wasn’t prepared at all and had at times trouble breathing. But my great guide James know what to do! We went to the cooled cloudy forest. The cloudy forest is an inside forest with a build in waterfall.

Inside the cloudy forest



received_1916327778670553After the forest it was time to head back to the hostel for a nap (that’s what heat will do to you) and get ready for a night out. I met up with James and his friends at a club called Altitude 1 based on level 74 in one of the high buildings in the CBD. Insane view and even crazier night! James friend had arrange a VIP table with a laser thingy that glowed up to the sky while we got pampered by the staff. It was a really good night out in Singapore and I’m happy I met such lovely people 🙂

At altitude 1

The following day I went to the botanical gardens, little India and the best part was defiantly the light and water show by the bay.

Little India


Laser water show


Fun facts I’ve learned about Singapore: Chewing gum is prohibited since it caused issues when people spat them on train rails causing the train detectors not to work. You can only have a car for 10 years then you need to get a new one. And last but not least “Singlish” (Singaporean+ English) is about to be declared its own language. In my ears, the little that I’ve heard it sounds like Chinese. But it’s actually English with a Chinease accent.

That’s it my time here is done. Next stop Kuala Lumpur!

3 thoughts on “My Asia adveture has officially started! First stop: Singapore

      1. Mohamed Elobeid (Fadil)

        Hello Nouseibah. We are all well thanks and following your adventures with interest. Follow your dreams and good luck to you. With our love as always ad forever


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