What’s your spirit plant?

I was watching one of my favorite spiritual teachers Teal Swan on youtube talking about spirit plants. The name of the video is, you guessed it, “What is a Spirit Plant and How to Find Your Spirit Plant”. To summarize her message, every plant on earth has its own unique consciousness (same  goes for animals and minerals).  And each of us has a plant equivalent to our personal essence. I’m guessing hence the name “spirit plant” , because we share the same spirit as our assigned plant. The spirit plants can be utilized as mirror reflecting to us our strengths and weaknesses. Whatever plant resonates with our soul can contribute in the process of getting to know ourselves and our lifepath if we desire to. One thing that Swan points out is that the spirit plant chooses you not the other way around. Her suggestion is to learn everything about our unique plant, which in a roundabout way means accessing higher knowledge about oneself.  So how do you discover your spirit plant? As Swan puts it “Set the intention to know what your spirit plant is and then stay very very open”

Foto av Adrianna Calvo pu00e5 Pexels.com

You bet I was intrigued! At night before going to sleep, I lit some candles, saged my room, meditated and set the intention of finding my spirit plant. Once done, I let it go and went to sleep. The next day, while on my daily night walk I came to a complete stop when I spotted a bush with white berries right across from my parents house. Every single day I’d passed straight by the wild bushes not once noticing them. For some “strange” reason this day the bushes and it’s berries really stood out. I could feel my whole body; this is my plant. I’d like to introduce the Snowberry.

Foto av Eva Elijas pu00e5 Pexels.com

I got back home and started googling away for the spiritual meaning of Snowberries. Unfortunately, the information in cyber space is scarce but I located one page “Tree Fog Farm” that touched on the subject. Here’s what I found about Snowberries: 

“This is how it (The Snowberry) describes itself: Emotional Freedom! Declare Independence from ALL previous emotional trauma! Declare Freedom to express who you truly are from a soul, multidimensional level! Declare this through your whole body/being! Declare this is how you will live every day!

 ….clearing out old “cobwebs” and clearing space for new ways of being. It helps you to stay open to your healing process as you integrate learning from previous difficult or traumatic experiences. “

I don’t belive this to a coincidence. For those that have read my recent posts “When you’re triggered as f**k“, “Let the trigger game begin!” and “Happy birthday to me (traveling solo and breaking old patterns)” know that I’m all about emotional healing and releasing past traumas. I can’t wait to learn all about the snowberries and hopefully learn something new. With that being said, I hope you too find your spirit plant!

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