I love planting (introducing my babies)

I love planting! It’s a new and exciting hobby of mine, one I truly wish to turn into a lifestyle. I’m not surprised by my newfound interest. The common thread in my life has revolved around freedom and being self-reliant, I’m convinced this is just another expression within the same life theme. I envision one day growing my own veggies, fruits and berries to the point of  food shopping becoming a rarity. My vision excited me so much, I signed up for a 5 week course on self reliant gardening a while ago. Unfortunately,  it was cancelled due to lack of participants. I’m  keeping my fingers crossed, hoping next time it’s set to take place there is enough interest. Although I’m fully capable of gathering information on my own,  it’s quite inspirational absorbing knowledge from a living example ( the teacher of the course) of what I’m aiming to be, plus connecting with those who are striving towards the same sort of living. 

My green fingers journey is still at the initial stages and so far I’ve uncovered that there is more to plants than being a potential source of edibles. I’ve formed bonds and attachments with the few growing greens I possess. It’s rewarding watching seeds grow and sad when a plant goes down (my garlic was invaded by unwanted bugs). My babies (plants) are the first thing I check upon in the morning, making sure they look healthy, have enough sunlight and water. I also often catch myself speaking to them while having my morning tea and peek in on them before bed. Might sound silly, but I want them to feel at home and that they’re well looked after. 

During this time of year, outdoor planting is mostly fruitless. All I can do is patiently wait a couple of months. I’m dedicated to do research, set up a plan and collect seeds, making sure all ducks are in a row for sowing season. I’m fortunate enough to have small patches accessible for planting plus indoor space and I can’t wait! For now though, I have a couple of babies to focus on, let me introduce them 😀

spinach surviving and thriving outdoors
baby capsicum
Watermelon! Fun fact: I worked 5 weeks on a watermelon farm in Australia, who would have thought my experience would come in handy one day (not me that’s for damn sure!)
tomato plant

I will update my babies developments and growth!

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