Homemade natural gummy candy (vegan + sugar free)

Why purchase store bought gummy candy when you can easily make your own natural and healthy version? This homemade naturally flavoured sweet is nurturing and without the additives, synthetic taste and gelatin. Gelatin is a common ingredient in mass produced gummy sweets, it’s what creates it’s jelly  texture. Gelatin is obtained from slaughterhouse waste (usually from pigs but also cows) such as skin or bones (“yummy”). Luckily, there is a vegan alternative to gelatin originating from the Japanese kitchen named agar agar. Agar agar is a powder made from red algae and does the same job as gelatin.

You’re free to be as creative as you like when making these gummies, experimenting with all sorts of fruits, berries and powders. I add small pieces of dates for extra sweetness. There is no strict way to make these gummies, the recipe is only a guideline and you’ll need to make adjustments depending on if you use fruit and berry juice or powder ( more concentrated so less is needed when flavouring).

My favorite flavours are: raspberry/lemon, orange, lime/ginger (great when you have a cold), liquorice and licorice/raspberry gummy candy.

Ingredients (ish): 

1 dl water

1 tsp agar agar

2 tbsp chopped dates (or another natural sweetener)

1,5-2 dl fruit and/or berry, (if you use powder you’ll need to lower the dosage. For liquorice powder I use 1 tsp)

Mix the water, agar agar and dates  (or another sweetener of choice) on the stove ( low temperature) until the liquid thickens (should become syrup-like). This might take a couple of minutes so have patience. Add your flavour and blend for a minute before pouring into forms and place in the refrigerator. Take them out once they’ve solidified (about 2-3 hours) and enjoy! 

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