I’m Nouseibah an intuative, psychologist, and traveler. I focus mainly on singleness, healing and living authentically

My background is in Psychology and on this blog I share my personal holistic perspective on topics related to the relationship we have with ourselves, others and life in general.

My long-term singleness combined with the misery and struggles associated with it, was the catalyst to diving deep within and actively exploring the inner and outer world (literally). Things turned around for the better and I decided to share what I learned along my way.

Singleness does not need to equal suffering and I’m here to bring forth content and guidence to set the record straight 🙂

With time I’ve began having one-one-one and group sessions with involuntary/unhappy singles with the intention to improve their life quality. 

 I’ve expanded my work to also include information and insights on healing and living authentically, strengthening the relationship we have with ourselves and those around us.