My name is Nouseibah and I’m a writer with a masters’ degree in psychology. I’m also an intuitive and a chronically single woman who chose to travel the world alone.

Hi, I’m Nouseibah – writer, psychologist, intuitive, traveller and “chronically” single

Having been single my whole life I’ve gone through the process from miserable to satisfied and empowered, single. I decided to create a platform where I share my lessons and insights in the hopes of helping others (not only singles). Besides writing, I offer one-on-one sessions with struggling/unhappy/involuntary singles seeking guidance, help and support. I also share my adventures as a solo traveller.


From my teen years and during most of my adulthood being single felt like a curse on many levels. The negative stigma and misconceptions around singleness from our culture and society, had me convinced something must be wrong with me. I’d been single my whole life and despite all the efforts I put in, no one seemed to “take the bait” or stick around. This brought me intense negative emotions, such as shame, rejection, anxiety, feeling left out, hopelessness etc. It also distorted my self-perception. I truly believe my constant civil status meant: I was unwanted, not lovable, a failure, a bystander to name a few things. To put it lightly, being single influenced my overall life quality. 

It took me a great deal of inner work (self reflecting, questioning, challenging, accepting and trusting my emotional and mental perceptions), therapy, and major life changes to reach a place where I felt complete and powerful within myself. Little did I know my healing journey would take me from victimhood and despair to confidence and self empowerment. 

Being a “forever single” was only the catalyst for me to discover who I am and my beginning to living an authentic life. It’s been a challenging but oh so rewarding ride. So much so, it prompted me to share the lessons, insights, perspectives and practical tools I found along my way, hoping it will help or make a difference to anyone out there.  My life purpose is to guide and support others on a similar path.

One important note is; you can be on the lookout and open to having a romatic relationship yet knowing confidently that life will be equally as meaningful with or without a partner. 

Although my blog and one-on-one sessions are mainly for singles, a lot of the content posted is applicable to anyone interested in personal growth and true inner power. 

I also share my solo travel experiences hoping it’ll inspire others to do the same.

If you have any questions or interested in working with me you can contact me via the form here or email me at nouseibah@hotmail.com