A salut to singles choosing the online dating experience (you deserve credit)!

4 months ago I decided to set off on a 6 month journey across the online dating terrain. I’m no stranger to online meeting platforms. While traveling I’ve discovered it’s the simplest way to get in touch with locals. What’s distinctly different this time around is the intention behind circling around the dating pool. I’m no longer mainly a traveller or temporarily passing by. I’m just me. 

Although I’m not at the finish line yet, it’s been quite the ride and I feel like I need to stop for a second, catch my breath and get something off my chest. Online dating demands effort. It’s both time and energy consuming, and in my opinion could easily be turned into a full time job. It has it’s plus side for sure. I’ve met some incredible people who I most likely would have missed out on if not for dating apps. So I don’t want to portray my experience as all bad. With that being said there’s a dark side too. Virtual meeting grounds contain a mixed bag of every type of individual in the book. No profile picture nor bio will ever prepare you for or accurately predict what you’ll get. It’s a gamble with immense risk, all you can do is cross your fingers and hope for the best! 

Inevitably, this means you’ll have to endure a whole lot of characters that you wish you wouldn’t have crossed paths with. From the top of my head I’d list the perverts, the unhygienic, the desperate/clingy and the most sneaky: the slick narcissist. Handling these sorts of individuals requires self awareness, honesty, boundary setting and calling people out. Let me tell you, solitude looks pretty darn good after an unsettling rendezvous (beyond the disappointments that come with). Still, many singles decide to learn from each experience and get back on the horse with an open heart and mind. This is not an easy task, it requires serious strength.

I belive singles should be recognized for their “work”. The hurdles of online dating is part of the experience but credit should also be given to those developing the skills and abilities to overcome such and move forward. So I’m putting my cent in by sending out a huge homage to all my fellow singles daring to expose themselves to all sorts of individuals, hanging in there and not giving up. Applause and respect to you!

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