Delicious and easy to make chocolate ice cream (sugar and dairy free)

I absolutely love trying out different detoxes and diets that are said to enhance a healthy lifestyle. Experimenting and watching the results within and out is something I love dedicating my time to. Along the way I’ve gathered a bunch of recipes I adore so I thought why not begin sharing.

With every detox or with food change I’ve made there are always cravings that start appearing. At the moment, I’m intermittent fasting (vegan style excluding sugar and crappy carbs) and 8 days into it, I began yearning for ice cream, chocolate ice cream to be exact. I waltzed over to the store hoping to discover a healthy alternative. If you’re like me when on a healthy streak and you scroll through the back of packages before purchase, you’ll quickly notice there is no such thing as “good” ice cream. And those ice creams advertised as sugar free or “healthy” usually contain worse hidden ingredients. So as always, I sat down, began to research, trialed and errored my way to the desired destination: a delicious, organic, easy to make, sugar and dairy free chocolate ice cream! 

I found the original recipe at a blog called The vegan 8. The surprising ingredient is sweet potato (sounds nuts right? it works!).  The original recipe includes 5 ingredients and combined they create a super creamy and yummy ice cream. On the website you can also find recipes for homemade vegan ice cream with diffrent flavours such as oreo, strawberry cheesecake, mocha and much more (I’m forever grateful for finding The Vegan 8!). I tweaked the recipe by adding extra ingredients to my liking. Compared to commercial ice cream this one does more good than harm. Here we go!


2 dl baked sweet potato

100g melted vegan dark chocolate (no added sugar)

5 dl coconut milk

1 tbsp vanilla extract

pinch of fine salt

1 tsp cacao nibs (I love the crunch)

(if you have a banana try out throwing it in too)

Favorite toppings


crushed hazelnuts

Start by baking the sweet potatoes in the oven until they are soft (I divide the sweet potato into four and cover the parts with no skin with coconut oil) . Blend the baked sweet potato (without the skin), melted dark chocolate, coconut milk, vanilla extract and salt (I use a mixer). Pour over the mix into a container and add the cacao nibs. 

Put the container in a freezer and mix the ice cream every 30 minutes (focus especially on the edges) for two hours and tadaaa! 

Ps the two first pictures below don’t represent the colour of the ice cream (it’s darker) that’s the lights doing (I’m clearly not a professional food photographer). The last picture captures the ice creams true chocolateness.

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