Celebrating Apple Day with a tasty cake (vegan, sugar & gluten-free)

Unbenounced to me, last week it was Apple day here in Sweden (25th of September). Definitely the perfect day for it, being the peak of apple season. My parents have an apple tree with fruits perfect for making jam and sauce but not baking unfortunately. On the bright side, I live around the corner from a nice neighbourhood with lots of beautiful apple trees!  Usually the owners are kind enough to put baskets outside their homes filled with apples for bypassers to enjoy. I’ll confess to trying plenty of them and have found a favorite tree with super juicy and sweet apples, which I used for this cake. 

Although I’m a bit late, I still wanted to celebrate Apple day and what better way to do it than baking an apple cinnamon cake. This happens to be a classic cake in Sweden and I managed to find a gluten-free recipe on a Swedish website Lindas bakskola. I’ve altered the recipe to make it vegan and without artificial sugar. This was actually the first time I tried it out and I’m quite happy with the result! 


3 tbsp flaxseed fluid (I’ll explain further down)

0,75 dl maple syrup

0,5 tbsp bicarbonate

4  dl almond flour

1 krm (⅕ tsp) vanilla powder ( giving the cake a darker color)

0,5 dl almond milk

0,5 dl melted coconut oil 

6 almond nuts

2-3 apples


By putting flaxseeds in water overnight the liquid turns into a similar consistency as eggs. I usually trade eggs for flaxseed fluid when baking (not including the seeds only the water). The down side is it takes time, so it’s trickier to bake spontaneously.  

Lets bake!

Set the oven to 175 degrees celsius. Whip the flaxseed fluid until  “bubbly” then pour the maple syrup and blend well. Add the following ingredients: bicarbonate, almond flour, vanilla powder, almond milk and melted coconut oil and turn it into a smooth mixture. Cover a baking tin (I think that’s what it’s called) with coconut oil and flakes. Pour the batter (should be about 2 cm high). Chop the almond nuts and cover the cake with them. Peel and slice the apples and cover them with cinnamon. Place the cinnamon covered apples on the cake. Slide the cake in the oven and leave it for about an hour. Done!

Although  not as fluffy as I had hoped for (it’s more on the sticky side) it smelled, looked and tasted lovely. Perfect with whiped coconut cream or vanilla sauce.

Happy (belated) Apple day!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Apple Day with a tasty cake (vegan, sugar & gluten-free)

  1. philip

    MUMS! vad fin den blev(: visste inte det fanns en äppeldag! men av slump så både åt jag äpplen å drack äppeljuice omkring då så firade det omedvetet kanske 😉


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