How cleansing my tummy stopped period pains and enhanced my vision

Disclaimer:I have no training in physical health or nutrition. This is all based on my own research and experience. I’m sharing it hoping it’ll make a difference for others. 

I often go into phases of detox to purify and reset my body. Quite recently I’ve added the element of targeting specific organs while detoxing. The first time I tested this new form of cleanse my main focus was the liver. The next organ receiving the spotlight was my stomach. The decision was made after reading about parasites. The topic of parasites in the stomach ( especially intestines) disgusted me so much I vowed that if I had any, their time was up. The fact that they’re uninvited guests inside the body feeding of us is gross in itself. Parasites also cause a line of symptoms such as: cravings for sweets and other junk foods (it’s what they live off of), exhaustion, sleep troubles, skin issues, digestion problems, bloating, anxiety, worry, forgetfulness, mood swings, nervousness and PMS. Obviously, other factors could  be the root of the same symptoms or problems, many which also originate from issues with the stomach system. I came across an author expressing how  the stomach is the body’s powerhouse. It’s where food is broken down, all vital nutrients extracted and distributed to the body. So if something is off with the gut (be it parasites or something else) there’s a serious problem. 

The results of my tummy detox were noticeable yet expected in many ways. Less  bloating, reduced stress, better night sleep (waking up well rested), increased energy and feeling lighter (if that makes sense). However what caught me completely off guard was that I stopped having menstrual period pains and my eyesight improved. 

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Before my detox I would have stomach pains and crying fests days prior to my period. The pain particularly was never entirely pointless though. It functioned as a premonition, indicating that my monthly visitor was incoming. The emotionality on the hand, I rarely acknowledged (at least not in the moment) as being connected to my period, even though it was the same old repetitive story for years. First day of menstruation would kick off with intense pain which used to leave me bedridden (even when I had a “normal” job I would not leave bed on this day). The remaining days, there would be an underlying background tummy tension with aches coming and going in waves. Besides  internal agony, I also experienced fatigue all through my red days. 

Following my detox however, my period decided to surprise me out of nowhere! Well, not exactly but from my perspective it had appeared out of thin air because there was no forewarning. My “heads up” aches and emotional sensitivity seemed to be out of service. The first day of agony and constant tension was decreased tremendously, although I wasn’t functioning as “normal” I wasn’t as far from. I went for long walks and socialized which might not sound major but this would have been out of the question in the past. 

The fading pain I’m attributing to the cleanse and the same might be true for emotional stability. I’m not equally as confident though because it could also be due to inner work or possibly a combination of the two. The belly detox didn’t alter tiredness, I still need to rest and take naps just as much as before the detox. 

Due to the remarkable difference I decided to give it a couple of cycles to see if this was a random event or not. But the same thing kept happening. Nowadays I have to make notes in my digital calendar to keep track of where approximately I am on my cycle. And if, for whatever reason, the pain revisits, I’ll know what sort of detox to implement. 

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My eye vision started declining when I was 19 years old. Since then I’ve had contacts on a daily basis with the exception of  two or three days bi monthly. From what I had been told it’s important to let the eyes rest and breathe now and again. 

About 3 weeks after finishing my detox it was time for one of these eyewear breaks. Guess what? I still haven’t put the contacts back in and it’s been over six months. There is simply no need for them anymore. My vision isn’t perfect but I see clearly enough and without eye strain. Could this be due to cleaning up internal organs? I believe so. I’m aware that this wasn’t a controlled experiment but I find it very probable since it’s the only significant change I can link back to. 

I’ve drawn the conclusion that the improvements (period pain and vision)  are a result from cleansing and strengthening the stomach by eliminating waste and enhancing the ability to absorb vital nutrients. 

Now, without further ado let’s get into how I went about doing the tummy detox.

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Length of the detox

There are differing opinions regarding the length of a detox. Initially I aimed for 14 days but didn’t feel done so ended up sticking with the detox for a month. There is no right and wrong, it depends on how you feel and react. If unsure, always consult with an appropriate practitioner. 

Preparation is key

Preparation is key! Especially if you have a busy schedule, planning meals and having easy go to recipecs will come good in handy, leaving no room for spontaneous purchases or missteps. Once the occasional unhealthy cravings hit you’ll need emergency plans of action. For example I always make sure to have dates at home for when I desire sweets (moderate intake). 

A huge advantage is also detoxing while having time off or when life is running at a slower pace. The body adjusting to a new regime will most likely lower your energy so resting and keeping stress levels in check is important.  

What to eat and drink during a detox 

When I detox my body I follow a simple diet. I eat only organic vegetables, fruits, nuts (max 3-5/day), berries and seeds. That’s it! Purely vegan, cutting off everything that you couldn’t technically plock outside and immediately ingest. Regardless of what type of detox you do, the main villains are: sugar, gluten, alcohol, coffee, dairy, processed foods and meat. Also make sure to eliminate microwaved food. 

(Please note: if you’re eating lentils and beans (yum) make sure you’ve prepared them by soaking and cooking properly (google of this is news to you). If not, they may contain anti -nutrient properties which attach good nutrients to them and flush them right out.)  

I limit my drinking to water (and you need lots of water to wash the toxins out), herbal and green tea. 

What to include to cleanse and strength the tummy

The purpose of this detox is not only to cleanse the stomach but also rebuild and strengthen it. Here is a list of foods and herbs which according to my investigation are great for the belly, making it an inhabitable environment for parasites. These are:

Pau d’arco tea

Raw garlic

Pumpkin seeds





Juglans nigra



Moderate amount of coconut yogurt for the probiotics (make sure only coconut milk and probiotics are named on the ingredients list, nothing else!)

The goal is to include all these in the diet on a daily basis. There are herbal supplements containing what I’ve listed. In Sweden there is a supplement called “Holistic Ultrabalans” which makes the job very easy. 

Symptoms during detox

It’s normal to experience certain symptoms especially in the beginning of a detox. I still freak out when my skin breaks out, which typically occurs a couple days after starting. It’s the toxins leaving the body through the skin and a sign of being on the right track. As mentioned, adapting to clean eating requires energy so don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling tired, make sure to rest and not exercise heavily (yoga or walking is good).  Also, if a plant based diet is foregin to you, don’t be surprised you need larger portions than you’re accustomed to. Lastly, if your stomach is a bit slow going so to speak, drink a glass of water with one tablespoon of psyllium seed husks before going to bed it’ll get the tummy going. Drink immediately, the seeds swell making it impossible to swallow.

Listen to you tummy

The stomach language is crystal clear and it’s beneficial to pay attention. Guess how the communication occurs? That’s right, through your bathroom habits and content! Take a close look in the toilet bowl when you’re done (yes I went there) and educate yourself on what your stomach is telling you (google is your friend), it might be vital information!

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I hope this post will be of benefit to anyone out there, minimally food for thought. Perhaps, instead of buying pharmaceutical pills or glasses/contacts maybe what you need is to invest in tummy detox. Or maybe cleaning up and supporting your organs will lead to other types of eye-openers? Regardless of the reason(s) for a detox, I’m sure your body will thank you!

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