Midnight sun at Mount Nuolja, North of Sweden

Recently, I returned home after a 5-day adventure in the north of Sweden. It was my moms idea, she wanted to experience the midnightsun. She casually told me few days prior to take off that she booked me a ticket, something I’m very grateful for (tack mamma!).

I knew I’d be surrounded by beautiful landscapes but it still exceeded all of my expectations. There was something so peaceful and pure in the air. The stillness was soothing and reminded me that I need to leave the city noise and get out in real untouched nature more often.  My soul needs it. 

The short adventure began in the little village of Abisko which has a population of 85 (!). We got there by flying to Kiruna and then by train for about 1,25 hours.


View from the cabin 🙂

Rumour has it, Abisko has one of the best views for capturing the midnight sun at Mount Nuolja. Unfortunately, the hike to get up there would be too difficult for the family. So I left them behind at the cabin and started making my way up to the summit. During the stroll to the starting point of Mt. Nuolja where some beautiful views.

Here are few snippets from my time on the moutain.

The sun moving down…

The sun rising up without having left sight

Enjoying the view while the mosquitos were being brutal, had to get a selfie with them, how many can you spot?

Beginning the hike down at 01.30 am

Aurora sky station, where a lift can take you up and down (not to the top though!)

Very scary lift down :/ started singing for some reason to keep calm

Sun came around for a bit while on the lift..

..and into hiding

Made it down safely..so pretty

The church in the village

I’d strongly recommend anyone who has the chance to do this rather short yet, challenging at times, hike. Make sure to have extra clothes (it gets a bit chilly), lots of water and most importantly: make sure to have adequate protection against the mosquitos. They’re no joke!

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