Discover your Human Design

I’m always open and curious to seek out different teachings hoping it will add to the understanding of myself and others. Alternative doctrines such as astrology, numerology and Ayurveda are only few which have peaked my interest. Although  theories viewed as “alternative” don’t hold the same status as scientific information in today’s world, there can be valuable understanding gained for those willing and open. With that being said, it’s not fruitful to swallow all that we’re told by different teachings (scientific or not!). It’s 100% an inside job to discern what applies to us personally and not. No science/teaching/religion (etc) has the capability to dictate who we are. It’s a personal and continual process of self discovery with nothing outside ourselves, able to do nor compensate for, our inner work. In my view the main purpose of any teaching/religion/classification is not to serve as a solid truth but instead offer potential permission slips allowing access to our psyche. We always have a choice to claim something as our own or not.  I believe everyone has an inbuilt sense of  confirmation letting us know what applies to us. I’d characterize this feeling of knowing as an epiphany-like sensation when statements ring true. Anything else, should fall by the wayside.

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Recently, I stumbled across Human Design. During all my years investigating and utilizing alternative information as a personal resource , I’d never heard of it.  Human Designs classification system and theories were founded by Ra Uru Hu (Alan Robert Krakower). If you’re interested in more information about him and his work feel free to google away.

I discovered a Human Design calculator online (the link is below)  that’s able to determine which modality one belongs to. I entered my information and voilá! I got the answer. According to the results I’m a “Generator with 3 splits” (I’m not too familiar with the terminology).  Obviously I was intrigued to find out what this would imply about me. So off I went, absorbing all I could find about my personal design (mainly on Youtube). Among the information I gathered connected to the “Generator with 3 splits” narrative,  there was so much information on point while other traits did not apply (as always). I’ll briefly share one fundamental thing  Human Design brought to my awareness that’s made my life easier. 

In a scenario where I’m presented with one option, let’s say someone suggests if  I want to do or eat something specific, I’ll always have an immediate bodily response. I’l sense a clear yes or no to whatever has been suggested. However, if I’m faced with multiple choices and asked to pick one it’s a different story. Not only does it give me decision agony, afterwards I’ll second guess my verdict. My process of elimination in  multiple choice scenarios isn’t usually a smooth one with energy leaking down the drain. What my human design taught me is: if I’m faced with different alternatives and I’m feeling uneasy and/or unable to produce a response,  I’ll reconstruct my approach. Instead of reviewing all options at once, I’ll look at it from another angle. That is, I’ll break down the decision process into a “yey or ney” system. This means I introduce each option separately and allow my gut feeling to guide (I’m I sensing a yes or no?). It might sound trivial but this was a game changer in my everyday life.

If you’re curious about your human design you can take the test here!

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