Koh Poda- I found the hidden treasure of Thailand!

Oh…My…God. Now I’ve been island hopping for a bit. The islands I’ve been to have all been beautiful and had their unique touch to it. When I was in Phi Phi I was googling around for one last island before heading to the mainland of Thailand. After an excessive time of searching I came I cross a blogger writing about Koh Poda. I scrolled down and saw the pictures and I KNEW I had to make it to that specific place. Period. But getting a ticket to go there was not easy. I went to 3 different booths selling boat tickets and not one knew what island I was talking about. Eventually (after more googling) I realized I had to go to Ao Nang beach first and then a ferry from there. If you want to go to Koh Poda from Phi Phi, go to the pier to purchase the ticket to Ao Nang. It is 100 baht cheaper than the other places where you get tickets (350 baht otherwise 450 baht). You’ll go to Krabi first and from there a minivan will take you to your hostel/hotel in Ao Nang. I asked the driver to take me to the beach and from there I made it to the long boat information desk who let me know the boat only goes to Koh Poda in the morning so I had missed it. So I spent the rest of the day getting to know Ao Nang beach.

Ao Nang beach is incredibly touristy. I know, I know it’s Thailand but this is some next level shit. Housing is alright. I paid a lot more than usual for a dorm but at the same time it was super clean, the air con was out of this world (seriously I had to borrow a roomies hoodie to survive the night, it was so cold!) and the staff very friendly so all good. The food however was more expensive than in Sweden. I’m being dead serious. Same goes for tours to do around the area. I knew I was not gonna be there for long so it was acceptable.


City centre of Ao Nang
Sunset Ao nang. See the part were it is cloudy there was actually lightning going on on that part. Probably one of the most starnge things I’ve seen

Ao Nang is beautiful though but considering the prices not worth going here.

The following day was Koh Poda day! So together with my english roomie Joe and german Andy we took a boat to Koh Poda. WARNING you pay 300 baht to go there and back ( about 20 minutes each way) but on the Island you pay an additional 400 baht (!!!!) this to keep the Island clean. To be fair though it is somewhat clean. Well cleaner than most places I’ve been to yet. But considering the 400 baht each person has to pay though it should be freaking spotless! It defiantly is not.

The amazing thing about Koh Poda is it’s calmness and there is nothing else to focus on but the beautiful island. The only thing you’ll is a little food stand were you can get snacks and water. I hope it stays this way!

Anyway we had a lovely day at the beach.





Loving the super clear water!

Then the rain came. Or storm to be more accurate. My time in Asia has taught me that, yes it might rain but it doesnt go on for very long. We ran and took shelter ant the rangers office.

Raining but it’s all good 🙂

This was my great finale to my Island hopping tour and I’m so happy I decided to go here! For the beauty of it but also the entertaining people I met 🙂

A 14 hour bus drive awaits now to Bangkok. Yippie! 😛



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