Rejection story: The girl who went to Italy (part 1)

This is the typical girl meets boy at the bar. Let’s call her Sara and him David. They started talking, and Sara found David very interesting since he was visiting her hometown from Switzerland but originally being from Italy. He stood out compared to everyone else at the bar and they enjoyed each others company. The sad part was that it happened to be Davids last night of his holiday before heading back to Switzerland.

They said goodbye to each other but kept in touch big time. They would spend everyday texting back and forth and gradually that turned into speaking on the phone every single day.

Sara was going far far away for a long time and made it clear to David who was up to date with her plans. As her departure date was approaching David suggested they’d meet before she went away. At fist she didn’t know if that was practically possible with her busy schedule and preparations for her upcoming travels. But David sold the idea pretty well (PS he was a salesman). He proposed that she choose any city in Europe and he would met her their for a weekend. His tempting suggestion plus some further persuasion lead her to agree. Her choice landed on Milan, Italy. They both booked their tickets and place of stay and waited excitedly for the day they would meet again. Sara didn’t do any research about Milan since David knew the city well and she was excited to have a local guide all to herself. During the time leading up to their meetings expectations were running high and Sara would imagine how they both strolled down streets together, with a slice of pizza in one hand and a glace of wine in the other. But the best part would without a doubt be, to see and get to know David better in person.

Two days before Sara got on the plane for Milan she gets the following text:

“I’m really sorry, I won’t be able to make it to Italy. My boss has asked me to work this weekend. The least I can do for you is send you a list of things to do in Milan. Really sorry :(“

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