Trouble sleeping?

As I was flipping through my diary from this time last year, I was reminded of the sleep troubles I used to have. Not only would it take hours for me to fall asleep, it was shallow and inconsistent with me waking up at 4 a.m (every night!) unable to smoothly doze off again. By making few changes to my bedtime routine, my sleep got upgraded to a high quality nightly rest. I’d love to share with you what helped me.

Camomile tea 

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Camomile tea is a classic hot relaxing beverage before bedtime. I usually add half a teaspoon powdered reishi mushroom. Best time to drink is 1,5 hour before tucking yourself in so you don’t have to run to the bathroom when you’re all settled in bed.

No pillow

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Double check that your pillow is actually doing you a favour. What I discovered when removing mine was that I slept deeper. My guess is that the pillow caused neck and/or spine tension instead of the opposite.


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While reading about different vitamins and minerals that could potentially help with sleep disturbances, one supplement was constantly brought up: magnesium. I’m not a doctor or physical health practitioner, all I can attest to is that magnesium (pill form) did me good. From what I understand it has a calming effect by relaxing the nervous system and muscles.

Lavender and lemon essential oils

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Lavender oil is known to be linked to relaxation and winding down. I love essential oils, and while trying out different ones lemon quickly became a refreshing favorite. Every night I sprinkle a couple of drops of both lavender and citrus oil on my bed before climbing in.

Bedtime Yoga

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There are plenty of yoga videos on Youtube focusing on night time relaxation. My favorite is Yoga by Kassandra which includes pose combinations to loosen up hidden tensions in the body. The best part is that the yoga sequences are done in bed. Once the session is completed, all you need to do is get under the covers. 

I wish you very relaxing and satisfying sleep

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