Autumn has arrived :)

Autumn used to be the most dreaded season for me. I believe it was mainly due to leaving summer behind, meaning; sunlight, late nights, spontaneity, adventures abroad and an overall freedom. Autumn in contrast meant the prospects of  routine, predictability and obligations (school, university or work). The major difference between the two seasons combined with autumn being furthest away from summer time caused major resistance. The uneven time distribution in regards to a free flowing state (summer) and a stricter structure ( autumn, winter and spring) didn’t exactly help. 

I also have a third theory which is based on my belief that we’re meant to live in alignment with each season and adjust accordingly. Fall shows us how to shed the old which I interpret as our time to do the same. To be able to do this, it’s necessary to slow down the pace, quiet outer distractions and place introspection in the forefront so we can become aware of and release what does not benefit us. However, society in this part of the world is organized in the opposite way. Autumn is the starting shot for the race. Focus is directed outwardly and there’s an expectation to accelerate our energy instead of winding down. My gut feeling tells me this causes an automatic resistance to the  natural course which the fall represents. 

Unfortunately, autumn went completely unrecognized to me for many years. The good news is, the life changes I’ve made  have caused a complete 180 in me and my relationship with autumn. Seriously, what’s not to love about it? The scent in the woods is amazing, the air is fresh and the colors are magical. I can’t wait to begin curling up in bed with tea, eating warm veggie stews and going mushroom picking! I also know this is a time to prioritize the inner world and prepare for the hibernation to come (winter).

Now that the fall is officially here I choose to celebrate the season by going for a long walk in nature, picking blueberries and soaking up the new vibe.

I wish a happy autumn!

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