Pinnaroo -my Australian small town experience

After having intensively traveled (Brisbane down to the Gold Coast via an inland loop to Byron Bay down to Sydney, over to Adelaide, up to Cairns and then returning to Adelaide) it was time to settle down, recharge and work. 

While in Adelaide I came across a work ad for a position at a hotel in  the small town of Pinnaroo, South Australia. As always, when my gut feeling starts tugging at me I can’t do anything but abide.  The recruiting process for the job was smooth and I was to start the following week. 

The landscape of Pinnaroo is quite flat, sandy and during summer time; very hot! The population of Pinnaroo is around 600 with many in the agricultural industry. The city centre consists of one strip with a gym, post office, bank, grocery and convenience store, and two hotels with attached pubs. In my estimation I’d  guess it would take 3 minutes to walk from one end of the town centre to the other. 

Before arriving in Pinnaroo I had no idea what to anticipate. Besides curiosity and nerves,  I also had my fair share of stereotypical presumptions about minor rural communities. I imagined small town friendliness, everyone greeting each other, alcohol playing a big part of life and gossip constantly swirling around (spoiler alert, my assumptions were confirmed!). 

You might assume this part of my visit in Australia would be uneventful or slow going but you’d be mistaken. I’ve found it difficult boiling down my snap shot of, what I assume to be, a typical small town in Australia. Oddly enough, although Pinnaroo is unquestionably the tiniest place I’ve temporarily lived in, it’s also where I made most friends who I’ve remained in contact with to date (almost 2 years later). The friendships I’ve gained were by all means the best part of my short stay.

My time in Pinnaroo remains to be a chapter of my travels which stands out for countless reasons, too complex to  summarize. For now, I’ll settle with sharing highlights from my experience. 

Roadtrip to Rapid Bay (not exactly Pinnaroo but accessible by car)

me and my future house
magical water

My 32:d birthday

Jess and came over to help me with some food and cake, thanks for the support!
group photo!
alright guys, lets do a happy one
cake time
Now let’s party!

A day on a farm

so pretty

Zenas Birthday! Tyrone (the boss) drove us around on an adveture

the birthday girl!

Quick stop to change our looks

Another stop at a brewery
Next up beautiful Murray river (pretty sure thats the name of it)

I baby-sat these cuties for 2 weeks

time to eat!
I miss putting on music and dancing with this one!

My first Christmas celebration!

(Huge thanks to Tyrones mom Vicki for the invitation!)

Chill time
Music entertainment

Tour of the farm and lovely lunch at the Summertons

Darryl showing me around 🙂

Yes, I did join the ride!
Yum yum

At Tim’s (another farm place) roof.. balcony?

You can’t even see the neighbours house
Beutiful sunset on the roof with a delicious homemade pizza! Thanks Tim 🙂

Random photos that make me smile 🙂

Chilling at Jess caravan
Jarrod and Jess on New years eve 🙂
Bridgets birthday (Bridget, Me and Zena)
Haha, I think Jess is happy to see me
what to do when you’re bored? Go to the kids park of course!
Body art!

.. And there is so much more but I’ll end on that note. Thank you Pinnaroo! The decision of where to go next was made the day before I left. I had no clue what I was in for..

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